The current spike in the unemployment rate has seen many governments spearheading entrepreneurship development programs to equip the population with the necessary skills to create and run their own businesses. These governments have taken this step to curb the ever increasing rate of unemployment. Let’s look at the goals of entrepreneurship development programs in detail:

Entrepreneurship development programs are aimed at eradicating unemployment

Unemployment is the single greatest problem for most governments. Due to technological advancements, more and more people are losing their jobs. If this trend is left unabated, unemployment could spiral out of control and cause revolutions. That’s why governments are stepping in to equip more people with building business skills to reverse this trend.

Governments are spearheading entrepreneurship development programs to promote industrialization

Industrialization is key to the faster development of any country. A developed country means the rate of unemployment is significantly low. If more people are employed, criminal activities go down, and people can coexist in harmony.

To educate people on the upsides and downsides of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship development programs seek to educate the populace about the up and downs of entrepreneurship. It’s meant to prepare them physically and psychologically to navigate the treacherous entrepreneurship path.

Entrepreneurship development programs are intended to shine a light on enterprise social responsibility

Enterprise social responsibility is the interaction of the enterprise with the surrounding community. These programs enlighten prospective entrepreneurs about enterprise social responsibility. For example, businesses need to operate per the social culture of the surrounding communities and create jobs for the community. Enterprises are also obliged to cater to the surrounding communities by extending basic services like water, electricity and social amenities.

Entrepreneurship development programs seek to discover and train prospective entrepreneurs

There are many potential entrepreneurs in any given countries that lack the necessary guidance, motivation, and capital. Entrepreneurship development programs aim to identify them, equip them with the necessary skills, and fund their businesses. This practice can create a lot of employment to the general public.

Entrepreneurship development programs are geared towards teaching potential entrepreneurs excellent communication skills

Communication is vital to the success of any enterprise. Without communicating the goals of your business efficiently, comprehensively and with engagement, your business growth prospects will be affected. These programs seek to train potential entrepreneurs on the most efficient communication skills to spur faster enterprise growth.


Entrepreneurship development programs are critical to enable potential entrepreneurs to dodge the many entrepreneurial bottlenecks that could inhibit faster business growth. And with technology rendering more and more people jobless, governments are strengthening these programs by injecting substantial capital to ensure their nation’s growth.